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In the Media

Explore the extensive media coverage of Pretty Picklers! From magazine features and newspaper articles to television appearances and podcast interviews, our community has been making waves across various platforms. We've also collaborated with clothing and accessories brands and had the privilege of meeting many famous pickleball players in person. Discover the stories, highlights, and behind-the-scenes moments that have shaped our journey in the world of pickleball.

Featured Media Outlet: The Skimm
Date of Feature: February 11, 2021

Pretty Picklers founder Kerry Shannon was spotlighted on The Skimm in February 2021! Described as 'serving up some good,' Kerry was recognized for her efforts in founding a women's pickleball club, Pretty Picklers. The feature also highlighted Pretty Picklers' philanthropic initiative, 'We Serve,' which has resulted in donations exceeding $10,000 to various charities. Explore the article on The Skimm to learn more about Kerry's inspiring journey and the positive impact of Pretty Picklers.

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Featured Media Outlet: The Pickler
Date of Feature: November 29, 2021

Pretty Picklers was previously highlighted on The Pickler! Delve into the world of Pretty Picklers, a dynamic women's pickleball club founded by Kerry Shannon. Explore the article to learn how Pretty Picklers fosters inclusivity, organizes friendly matches, and prioritizes skill development within the pickleball community. Dive into the details on The Pickler's website to discover what makes Pretty Picklers stand out in the world of pickleball.

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Featured Media Outlet: Pickleball Fire Podcast
Date of Feature: May 27, 2021

Join Kerry Shannon, founder of Pretty Picklers, as she shares her pickleball journey on the Pickleball Fire Podcast! In episode 62, Kerry discusses the inception of Pretty Picklers, its mission to promote pickleball in a fun and inclusive environment, and the community's dedication to skill growth and charitable initiatives. Tune in to the podcast to hear Kerry's insights and experiences firsthand, and discover what sets Pretty Picklers apart in the world of pickleball.

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