Image by Frankie Lopez
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Very excited to share this with you all! Women's doubles partner pickleball league!

This is a partner league broken into 2 brackets - you self rate to be placed in either A or B bracket. Matches are played weekly at your convenience wherever you choose. Rates and availability for you at the locations are shown. (10$ per person to play when you go) Information on how to make a reservation at one of these clubs will be available once you sign up. You play against your opponent for the week (3 games to 11 win by 2) you do not have to be in any "club" you do not have to sign up with a partner, one can be assigned. If your partner is unavailable you can substitute in someone else but the scoring goes towards your set team. If God forbid someone was hurt, etc...then we can discuss changing - After the match you put in your scores for the week, you have one week (approx) to complete the match!

Play offs and end of season event will be at Fiddlers. 

Did I forget to mention Ben and Collin are co sponsoring with us?!

Let me know what you think and what questions you might have so I can add to the Q and A list!